Bitcoin’s price jumps back above $11.000

Cryptocurrency prices have gone through a temporary low last week, but they are picking up speed now. Bitcoin has broken through the $ 10,000 mark again and now stands well above $ 11,000. The market capitalization has risen by about 40 billion within the last week and Bitcoin dominates it with about 70 percent. This

Bitcoin Fights To Breach The $10.000 Mark

Bitcoin and the entire market have been in a sideways trend since the slump last week. The $ 10,000 mark was tested several times but could not be held so far. It remains exciting in which direction Bitcoin will break. The current market cap of crypto-assets remained constant which shows that Altcoins are strongly dependent

How The Downtrend Of Bitcoin Played Out

The leading cryptocurrency previously arrived where it has been several times this year: under the important $10,000 mark. The market cap of crypto-assets traded on exchanges was around $270 billion, more than $30 billion over the past four days. Most other crypto assets were also in the downward trend. There were several reasons for this:

Revolutionize Your Cryptocurrency Trade

We are simplifying the ability to thrive in the cryptocurrency market. The Crypto Dilemma We understand the frustrating feeling of learning how to make your mark in the crypto world. You can try to start out mimicking how “crypto influencers” run their trades or you can join paid signal groups in an attempt to better understand

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