It finally happened!

With our community growing, many of you have been asking for details on our product development. We are very excited by all of the enthusiasm you’ve been showing and are delighted to report some major changes that have been implemented in the last months.

After our initial release, we quickly realized that the platform in its present state will not be suitable for future development. Instead of investing more time in a platform which will never satisfy our requirements, we decided to fully rethink the underlying architecture and redevelop it from scratch.

Now, after months of hard work, we finally got to the point where we have the proper base to scale and expand Coinpanion. Powered by a zero downtime architecture, allowing us to never loose synchronization between exchanges, traders and followers again. Furthermore, we are happy to share some of our most recent product extensions including:

  • Performances in BTC terms. You can now view and compare all the data not only in USD terms but also in BTC terms. You finally can measure your trading results in the way it suits you best.
  • Paypal and cryptocurrency payments. You can now pay for the trader fee with Paypal and other cryptocurrencies. You will no longer rely on Ethereum as the sole payment method.
  • 2-Factor-Authentification. In order to further improve account security, 2FA has been implemented. We want to make sure that you feel safe when using our platform.
  • Social logins. You can now register via social logins (Facebook and Google), which makes the whole registration process much faster and easier.
  • Subscription assistant. The following process has been made much easier. Now you simply have to follow the steps shown to you in order to follow a trader. No more misconifigurations are possible!
  • Improved user experience. The overall user experience and copy process have been improved. You can be left assured that every trade will be copied and you are no longer left alone when using our platform.
  • User feedback. As you know, offering a seamless user experience is a core value at Coinpanion. We want to emphasize that all these changes above were made because people like you kept on giving us feedback. Hence, we have also implemented a way to give us feedback directly via a dedicated page: https://feedback.coinpanion.io

So, what are we up to now?

We are working hard on implementing new cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms such as Bitmex to our system. Additionally, other missing features will be included soon too, such as following more than one trader simultaneously, cross exchange trading, managed portfolios and many, many more.

Going ahead, we want to thank you for your patience and cooperation as we grow as a community daily. We are sure that these implementations will represent an important next step on the road to achieve Coinpanion’s goals and realize the full potential of cryptocurrency trading.

Finally, make sure to follow us on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for further updates on the Coinpanion platform.

Cheers guys! 🥂

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