Copy Successful Traders

Automatically replicate trades on your existing exchanges such as Binance!

<span>Copy Successful Traders </span>
<p style="font-size: 20px">Automatically replicate trades on your existing exchanges such as Binance! </p>
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One-Time Offer

We are celebrating our Open Beta Launch with a special discount. For a limited time only you will be able to follow crypto traders for free if your follow amount is less than $500!

Launch with us together! 🎉

Here is what you can expect

Coinpanion is the easiest way for people to follow and copy successful cryptocurrency traders.
We take care of everything so you can truly focus on what is important.


Trades are copied fully automatically. You never have to worry about missing a trade again!


There is no need for additional software. Everything is safe in our cloud.


Trading results are received directly from the exchanges. There is no way to manipulate them.

State of the art dashboard

Clear overview of all the relevant trading information so that you can stay ahead of your game.
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Performance Indicator

Analyze your trades and generates real-time reports.


Trading History

Follow your trader‘s activity trade by trade.

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Portfolio Allocation

See exactly how your copy strategy is performing without being distracted by your manual trades.

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Trader Feed

Understand your trader’s actions and engage with them in order to improve your trading skills.

It's simple. It's safe.

To get started with Coinpanion is as simple as it should be.

Sign up, connect your API keys and start copying!

No withdrawal permissions are needed with your API keys.

After everything is set up the copying process will start immediately. Each time your Trader performs a trade, Coinpanion will automatically copy it on your behalf.

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Ready to get started?
It's fast, free and very easy!

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