Coinpanion is super simple and intuitive

This guide is meant to help you to get the absolute maximum out of the platform!
If you have trouble during the process please write us on Telegram - We will help you right away.
Furthermore, we are always happy to get input from you, so if you got a great idea or suggestion just shoot us a message.

Set up your API keys

The special thing about Coinpanion is its lack of an own exchange. This means you don't have to change your system. Everything stays the same as it was. In order to work like that, we need you to add your API keys.

WE JUST NEED READ RIGHTS ALONG THEM. There is absolutely no risk involved.

1. In your Coinpanion Dashboard head over to MANAGE EXCHANGES.

2. Get your API keys from Binance and/or Bittrex.

Follow this link: Binance API Link
You have to be logged in.

Follow this link: Bittrex API Link
You have to be logged in.

2. Get your API keys from Binance and/or Bittrex.

Select your Base Currencies

Normally when you are trading you are attending to increase the amount of one (or more) specific currency. This currency is called BASE CURRENCY. It's the currency all trades are against and profits will be calculated from. Trades against one base currency to another base currency are seen as redistributions and will not show up in your dashboard as a position.

Default is all possible base currencies set as base currencies.

You can change and manage your base currencies under the ACCOUNT SETTINGS tab.

Set a custom subscription fee

Followers have to pay you a monthly fee in order to copy your trades.

You can set this fee in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS tab.

Make your profile stand out

Followers want to know who they are following. Make sure to give them as many pieces of information as possible.

Under ACCOUNT SETTINGS you will find the possibility to upload a profile picture, to write a one-sentence description and a biography.

Furthermore, you can add your social links so they can follow you on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Use the Trader Feed

We also have the first version of our Trader Feed online. Use this feed in order to speak to your followers and explain them your actions or just teach them something trading related. Currently, the feed is just text-based, but further extensions will come!