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Only 10 people are allowed to join the platform per day.
The limit will work on a first come first serve principle.

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Trader Guide

What is Coinpanion?

Coinpanion is the easiest way for people to follow and copy successful cryptocurrency traders.
No need for new software or exchanges. Everything happens in the cloud on the exchanges you know!

Be Safe
Concerned about your funds?

Keep your funds safely stored on the crypto exchange of your choice.

Make More Money
Tired of losing money?

Start copying professional crypto traders and become as successful as they are!

Keep Control
Feel like selling a trader's position?

Coinpanion detects manual interactions and handles them right.

Supported Exchanges

We work with existing exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex. Only your API key is required.


More exchanges are coming!

Powerful Dashboard

Get a clear picture of what is going on and be ahead of your game!

Performance Indicator

Coinpanion analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports.

Dedicated Portfolio

See exactly how your copy strategy is performing without being distracted by your manual trades.

Trading History

Follow your traderโ€˜s activity trade by trade.

Trader Feed

Understand your trader's actions and engage with them in order to improve your trading skills.


We take security seriously

We know that a lot of crypto platforms experience security challenges.

Coinpanion provides best in class security, so that you can invest your assets with peace of mind.

  • Fully encrypted API keys
  • State of the art server structure
  • No withdrawal permissions

Earn with your friends

Trade together with your friends! Invite them to Coinpanion and get rewarded.

If your friend registers as a Follower, you will get 15% of the Coinpanion commission forever. If he/she starts following a trader within 14 days, he/she will get a 15% discount too!

If he/she registers as a trader, you will get 30% of the Coinpanion commission forever.

How it works

Coinpanion was designed to be easy and intuitive. Just follow these steps to get started immediately!

Sign up

No matter if you are a follower or a trader, everything starts with a sign up.

Add your API Keys

In order to copy the trades, you must provide the API keys of your exchange account.
You will find an explanatory video in the "Manage Exchanges" tab.

Withdrawal permissions are not needed!

Search the right Trader

Analyze and compare different traders until you find the one who fits you best.
Past performance is transparently visible in their profile.

Start copying

After everything is set up, the copying process will start immediately. Each time your Trader performs a trade, Coinpanion will automatically copy it on your behalf.

24/7 without extra software needed!

Keep track of your performance

Our dashboard offers you a full width of analyzing tools

Our Team

Coinpanion is a product of four highly engaged crypto-enthusiasts

Alexander Valtingojer
CEO & Co-Founder
Matthias Zandanel
CTO & Co-Founder
Vladimir Kornilov
CMO & Co-Founder
Aaron Penn
Lead Developer & Co-Founder


Bernhard Blaha
Co-Founder of HERO hero logo

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Any cryptocurrencies, other than the base currency pairs BTC, ETH, and USDT, which you purchased independently of the CopyTrader will not be affected.

Once signed up you will find all available Traders in the "Find Traders" tab. From there you can compare and analyze their performance and fee. Once you have chosen your preferred Trader, simply click on "Follow" and the copying process starts immediately. Please note that you need enough funds on your wallet to cover his monthly subscription fee.

Each trader can set a custom monthly fee for their service, which you have to pay in order to copy the trader. Currently, only Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method. You have to load up your balance under the "Wallet" tab.

We add 15% to the traders monthly fee.

Absolutely! We don't need withdrawal permissions with your API keys.

To become a Trader, you just need to select "Register as Trader" during the signup process. You will be able to provide information about yourself and your trading strategy in the Personal Area. Once your profile is set, Followers will be able to copy you.

You will get your payments directly into your Coinpanion wallet, where you can transfer the balance to any wallet you like!

You will be able to write a post. Followers will see this post and can interact with you over it.

No, we only show percentual relations of your portfolio.

Contact Us

Any question? Reach out to us and weโ€™ll get back to you shortly.